01. A letter from the editor

The object of ARTWRIT is to promote and proliferate a form which, we believe, has not received due credit. Art writing has served its interested parties well (artists, galleries, cultural institutions, the market), but has seldom billed itself as something other than an applied art — and a selflessly benevolent one at that — in its insistent promotion and service (no matter how scathing the verdict) of fine art, its practitioners and institutions.
ARTWRIT exists as a forum that asserts writing about the creative realm as its own rightful discipline (that often references, but does not necessarily rely on other forms). Our mission is to encompass the variety that art writing can play host to as a general category.
Though the digital age has in large part ushered in a divide between serious and frivolous forms of writing, it also presents an opportunity to redeem watered-down forms, to make more accessible what is too often sorely reserved for academic journals, as well as to find a common ground between a practical kind of art writing (editorial) and its intellectually rigorous counterpart.
It is not coincidental that we launch this project when the art world appears to regroup. The exceeded profit projections during the fall auction season and the exuberant mood (and sound sales) at Art Basel Miami Beach this month would indicate that the art world — or the market that drives it for better or worse — is on the upswing. ARTWRIT, too, is part of the tide of cultural rehabilitation.

Daniel Kopel