A Letter from the Editor

by Danny Kopel, Winter 2012

Loyal Reader,

Our ninth quarterly digest of essays has arrived. We hope you’ll cozy up to these five essays until warmer times are upon us…

In this edition, our writers turned their attention to the physical experience of art, as in Michelle Jubin’s take on “sight as a tactile, physical, multi-sensory experience” in her discussion on the Lewis Chessmen at the Metropolitan’s Cloisters. Ben Rose’s essay tackles Dan Flavin’s untitled barrier piece at Dia: Beacon in a parallel discussion of mechanics of visual perception or the “phenomena produced by one’s eye.” Lucy Cantwell discusses Hirst and Koons’s reliance on eye-catching surfaces to seduce and ensnare the viewer into the actual meat of their work. Like moths drawn to a light, this is opticality as entry.

Tom McGlynn’s timely tribute to Mike Kelley touches on the writer’s own encounter of the work to account for Kelley’s weight and contribution to culture. Ian Wallace’s afternoon with Richard Artschwager constitutes an entirely different experience of art, one in the presence of the artist. Whether in the context of the artist’s converted church home or in the trunk of Artschwager’s car, Wallace encounters it outside of normalized modes of display. In all, a loose elaboration on ways of seeing, in the Bergian sense.

As the scope of the work we publish expands, so does our mission as a non profit organization. We hope that you’ll join us online for your monthly and quarterly doses of criticism and art writing but also in the flesh for gallery crawls, lecture series, discussion panels and other events in the works. By participating in our growth as an organization you participate in your own as an individual. You can’t lose. Join our mailing list below.

Read on. Read up.

Danny Kopel
Editor-in-Chief | Founder