A Letter From the Editor

by Danny Kopel, Spring 2012

Loyal Reader,

I’m so glad you found us again on the occasion of our last quarterly edition. Since its inception Artwrit has been a quarterly publication and our objective has been—and continues to be—to offer you thought provoking articles on art and culture. We stuck to this format for over a year before we realized that releasing articles on a quarterly basis was not frequent enough to keep pace with the quickly changing landscape of contemporary art. Upon this realization, we introduced our monthly issues in May 2011 and reserved our quarterly as a space for extended discourse and ideas worth entertaining a little longer.

Our intention with Artwrit, from our drop-by-drop publishing calendar to the spareness and imageless-ness of our design is something like the slow food movement. We want to encourage readers to spend time with the written word, to draw attention to and sharpen their awareness of the craft of criticism. The digital age has trained our minds and our eyes to take in a great deal more in record time. So in an effort to remain a dynamic platform for art and culture without sacrificing thoughtfulness and thoroughness, we’ve decided to marry both formats—quarterly and monthly—into one digest to be released every month. Expect a heftier, more satisfying monthly this summer with the necessary design and functionality tweaks this change necessitates. We think you’ll be quite pleased.

Without further delay, I leave you with these pieces, definitely worth entertaining until Artwrit 3.0 lands on your screen. Until then… Read on. Read up.

Danny Kopel
Editor-in-Chief | Founder