10. Daniel Kopel: An Afternoon with Penny Arcade

I scheduled an interview with Penny Arcade for noon. Two and a half hours later, the tape still recording, I still hadn't asked a single question I'd prepared. I was in Penny's apartment, this was Penny's world. She greeted me, asked me if I'd like anything to drink, I said water, she'd have tea, and… Continue reading 10. Daniel Kopel: An Afternoon with Penny Arcade

09. Michael Pepi On 50 Years At Pace

After fifty years, Arne Glimcher, who founded The Pace Gallery in 1960 in a modest space in Boston, is regretful of one thing. When he and his wife Milly started out, they were happily working in the art world -- an innocent community of artists, discovery, and quiet passion. A half-century later, quite by accident, Arne Glimcher… Continue reading 09. Michael Pepi On 50 Years At Pace

07. Sandra Orellana Sears Interviews Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Jeffrey Vincent Parise's A Decade of Paintings thoughtfully investigates the creative process of painting while exploring the various roles of muse and artist. The premise of Parise's art book is that sitters respond to their portraits and to the consummate experience of being painted. Rather than a traditionally passive role as muse, Parise invites his subjects to… Continue reading 07. Sandra Orellana Sears Interviews Jeffrey Vincent Parise

05. Echo Hopkins On Ai Weiwei At Turbine Hall

As autumn descends on London, so does the entire art world, drawn in by Regent's Park and the Frieze Art Fair. There was no exception this October when Ai WeiWei's Sunflower Seeds opened in the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Part of the Unilever Series, an annual show that fills the massive entrance hall of the one-time power… Continue reading 05. Echo Hopkins On Ai Weiwei At Turbine Hall

04. Oksana Katchaluba On Gary Simmons

Double Feature, Gary Simmons's first solo exhibition in Switzerland, consists of seven medium to large-scale works, most of which are executed in Simmons's typical technique of pigment, oil paint and cold wax on canvas: textured, lush, monochrome surfaces on which the subject is displayed in contrasting white paint. The paintings in the exhibition draw their… Continue reading 04. Oksana Katchaluba On Gary Simmons

03. Britt Julious Reviews Dan Gunn & Wendy White

After a decade during which audiences were seemingly inundated with work that didn't say much but was clever in a recognizable manner, it's comforting to realize that contemporary young artists are still creating works that engage the viewer rather than just exploit familiar pop culture references. Two years in to the worst economic decline since… Continue reading 03. Britt Julious Reviews Dan Gunn & Wendy White

02. Nalina Moses on the Figure of the Starchitect

When art collector Eli Broad announced earlier this year that he'd leased a plot of land in downtown Los Angeles to build a private museum, high drama ensued. The press discovered that he'd held a secret competition among six high profile architecture firms (OMA, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Christian de Portzamparc, SANAA, Foreign Office Architects,… Continue reading 02. Nalina Moses on the Figure of the Starchitect