Nick van Woert, Sculptor

by Michael Caines, July 2011 Friday, July 8, 2011. 1pm. Nick van Woert sat down with Artwrit, in the midst of preparing shows in New York and Paris, to discuss his process, literary influences and “earnestness” in art. Audio + transcript below. Artwrit: I’m speaking today with sculptor Nick van Woert, New York City artist, born in Nevada.… Continue reading Nick van Woert, Sculptor

The Women in Our Life at Cheim & Read, New York

by Sascha Feldman, July 2011 Cheim & Read is celebrating their fifteenth anniversary with an exhibition that showcases the ten women artists on their roster. The show’s tender, familial title The Women in Our Life gives the playful impression that these artists have acted as maternal or sisterly influences on the tastes of John Cheim and Howard… Continue reading The Women in Our Life at Cheim & Read, New York

John Beech at Elizabeth Leach, Portland

by Sarah Vaeth, July 2011 John Beech’s show at Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, Oregon is a tightly focused presentation of intimately scaled works, showcasing the shared themes in recent but otherwise unrelated sculptures and works on paper. At first glance, Beech’s Blagen series constitutes a historical in-joke. A raw mass of congealed enamel paint is folded… Continue reading John Beech at Elizabeth Leach, Portland

Walking Through with Rene Ricard at Vito Schnabel, New York

by Madeline Sparer, July 2011 For almost fifty years, Rene Ricard has had a leading role in the New York City art scene: friend of Andy Warhol, appearing in several of his classic films; art critic for Artforum, helping launch the careers of Jean-Michael Basquiat and Julian Schnabel; and, most of all, constantly evolving poet and… Continue reading Walking Through with Rene Ricard at Vito Schnabel, New York

Wooloo at the Sixth Momentum Biennial: Moss, Norway

by Jacquelyn Davis, July 2011 Touring the sixth Momentum Biennial, Imagine Being Here Now, located in Scandinavia, introduces contrasting stimuli: an impressionistic panorama of sailboats, elegant horses roaming the fields and building cranes unfolds around the viewer. Contributing to this event alongside forty-nine other international artists is the Danish art group Wooloo, whose members are Martin Rosengaard,… Continue reading Wooloo at the Sixth Momentum Biennial: Moss, Norway

Blame the Bohemians: The Gentrification of Bushwick, Brooklyn

by Stavros Pavlides, July 2011 The first weekend of June is special for the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. It is the weekend of the ever-expanding Bushwick Open Studios, which this year celebrated its fifth birthday. Despite the crass noncompliance of the MTA, which suspended all L-train service into Brooklyn, an adequately festive amount of art… Continue reading Blame the Bohemians: The Gentrification of Bushwick, Brooklyn