Ian Swanson, painter, sculptor and sound artist

by Aderyn Wood, May 2012. Artwrit sat down with Ian Swanson, recent New York transplant, to discuss his move to the big apple, space to create and his work spanning several mediums. Audio + transcript below. Artwrit: We’re here today with Ian Swanson: painter, sculptor and sound artist from Detroit. So, Ian, what brings you to New… Continue reading Ian Swanson, painter, sculptor and sound artist

Uninsulted: Frieze Art Fair New York

by Jody Lee, May 2012 The silent reference point of Frieze New York is of course The Armory Show, its far less atmospheric and more hard-bitten relative, homegrown on the piers that jut out into the Hudson River. By contrast to the perspiration-inspiring, elbow-pressing Armory, Frieze is an airy country cousin, heiress to the home… Continue reading Uninsulted: Frieze Art Fair New York

Interview: Brion Nuda Rosch at Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle

by Erin Stout, May 2012 San Francisco-based artist Brion Nuda Rosch uses an arsenal of knee-jerk wit, photographs of Henry Moore’s masterpieces and house paint to toy with both seen and unseen dimensions in his most recent sculptural works. In an exhibition that took place last April at Seattle’s Greg Kucera Gallery, Rosch’s collage-sculptures, usually… Continue reading Interview: Brion Nuda Rosch at Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle

Valerie Hegarty at Marlborough, New York

by Grace-Yvette Gemmell, May 2012 The sublime has something of the hyperbolic about it; ecstatic superlatives usually do. And, as Elias Canetti once noted, “there emanates from superlatives a destructive force.” A similar sentiment underscores the multi-media oeuvre of Valerie Hegarty, the New York-based artist who recently took over the second floor of Chelsea’s Marlborough… Continue reading Valerie Hegarty at Marlborough, New York

Interview: Robin Deacon, Chicago

by Anthony Romero, May 2012 How an artifact made by performance circulates, the opportunity it provides, where it lands, who controls it and how we access it is at the heart of the activity generated by Robin Deacon. A performer, writer and filmmaker, Deacon uses the material made by performance—namely its material and textual documentation—to… Continue reading Interview: Robin Deacon, Chicago

John Chamberlain at the Guggenheim, New York

by Jonathan Beer, May 2012 The work of sculptor John Chamberlain bristles with defiant energy, the product of a renegade American spirit tempered by impressive elegance. His extensive career defined a space between sculpture and object and he simultaneously made things that are both. His works are surprisingly independent despite their attachment to the cultural… Continue reading John Chamberlain at the Guggenheim, New York