Dennis Cooper

by Matthew Steinbrecher, November 2012. This month’s Oral History Initiative features Matthew Steinbrecher’s conversation with novelist and performance artist Dennis Cooper. Cooper discusses the impact of his life on his work, his long standing fascination with music, and the importance of supporting emerging artists. Audio + transcript below. Artwrit: Today is Monday, October 29th. This is… Continue reading Dennis Cooper

Art in the Hour of the Startup

by Stavros Pavlides, November 2012 Between the apotheosis of the startup, the recent culture-altering economic crisis and the near-universal canonization of Steve Jobs, we may discern a new kind of hero emerging from the fabric of society: that of the self-made, self-employed entrepreneur. Alternate invocations of this sublime meta-modern entity include the “job-creator” and the… Continue reading Art in the Hour of the Startup

Picasso: Black and White at the Guggenheim

by Sascha Feldman, November 2012 Picasso: Black and White exposes Pablo Picasso’s calculated, singular and obsessive formal language. Snaking up the rotunda of the Guggenheim in chronological order, the works act as a record of the artist’s exploration and treatment of black, white and gray from 1904 to 1971. Picasso’s elimination of color was applied to… Continue reading Picasso: Black and White at the Guggenheim

Tadaaki Kuwayama at the Museum of Modern Art Hayama

by Michael Klein, November 2012 A large portion of what has been written about minimal art has focused on the sculptors of the era, on the work of Donald Judd, Robert Morris and Carl Andre; however, many of the painters of that period, each with his or her own lengthy resume and extensive gallery and… Continue reading Tadaaki Kuwayama at the Museum of Modern Art Hayama

Emily Squires: Personal Service Announcement

by Kyle McKenzie, November 2012 Philadelphia-based artist, Emily Squires, has invited everyone to submit messages for her current work, Personal Service Announcement (PSA). Messages submitted via her web portal ( are painted onto signs, which the artist personally takes to Washington D.C. to march them in front of the White House. Her first march was on November… Continue reading Emily Squires: Personal Service Announcement

Wade Guyton OS at the Whitney Museum

by Tom McGlynn, November 2012 Wade Guyton’s mid-career survey fits well within the precincts of the post-1945 American modernist art territory staked out by the Whitney. The work displayed on the museum’s third floor includes painting, sculpture and collage and if one ran through and peripherally scanned the ensemble it might well serve as a… Continue reading Wade Guyton OS at the Whitney Museum