Benjamin Liu, Part II: On Warhol

by Michelle Millar Fisher, October 2011. “There are certain things he does care about. I know it’s not artistic to talk about that, but it’s true.” In Part II, Benjamin Liu discusses the Warhol years, his time as the pop artist’s last assistant before his death in 1987. Audio + transcript below. Artwrit: So how did it… Continue reading Benjamin Liu, Part II: On Warhol

Gabriel Kuri at South London Gallery

by Alex Ross, October 2011 Defining the slicker side of post-minimalist assemblage, Belgium-based Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri’s first solo exhibition in a London public gallery compounds a studied formal purity with mostly furtive social commentary. Configured in response to the venue’s location in one of London’s more disadvantaged communities, and registering a moment of global… Continue reading Gabriel Kuri at South London Gallery

Nikita Vishnevskiy: An Interview with the Artist and First-time Curator

by Michael Caines, October 2011 Nikita Vishnevskiy, a young artist whose work focuses on the serendipitous combination of found and made objects, has developed a keen editorial eye. Vishnevskiy sat down with Artwrit to discuss his first effort as a curator with the installation of Hermaphrodite, a group exhibition at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn. MC: This is… Continue reading Nikita Vishnevskiy: An Interview with the Artist and First-time Curator

Pipilotti Rist at Hayward Gallery, London

by Beverley Knowles, October 2011 At first glance Pipilotti Rist’s work appears playful, a little absurd. On one level it is all of these things, on another it engages a meaningful investigation into what creates barriers and the ways in which those barriers may be peaceably transgressed. One is reminded of Wittgenstein’s assertion that a… Continue reading Pipilotti Rist at Hayward Gallery, London

Charles Gaines at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles

by Jody Zellen, October 2011 Charles Gaines is interested in where art and politics collide. His work is simultaneously an aesthetic and cultural/socio-political exploration. Associated with artists making conceptual and system-based works in the 1970s Gaines has continued along that path—looking at how following specific parameters can construct a work of art—yet has deepened the… Continue reading Charles Gaines at Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles

Barry Flanagan at Tate Britain

by Echo Hopkins, October 2011 Widely known for his sculptures from the mid to late ’80s onwards, Barry Flanagan’s earlier works may seem surprisingly disconnected from the general perception of his work. Upon closer inspection of these early works (1965-82) at the Tate Britain, however, one can begin to link themes in his work of… Continue reading Barry Flanagan at Tate Britain