11. Michael Pepi on “Brucennial 2010: Miseducation”

The Bruce High Quality Foundation’s (BHQF) annual show -- now in its third year -- entitled “Brucennial 2010: Miseducation,” is a ribald gathering of artists conceived as a means of precipitating the breakdown of an aloof system: specifically the one that is embodied by the concurrent Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art. As… Continue reading 11. Michael Pepi on “Brucennial 2010: Miseducation”

10. Barton Sloane On Tino Sehgal At Guggenheim

What does one expect from the contemporary museum experience? A reflection of cultural values? A contradiction of cultural values? A Truth? A Lie? An Image? A Structure? A Situation? Despite its title (connoting confidence, security, and stability) and its content (a series of conversations) Tino Sehgal’s This Progress leaves participants with far more questions than answers. As… Continue reading 10. Barton Sloane On Tino Sehgal At Guggenheim

09. Daniel Kopel Interviews Gustavo Bonevardi

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING WITH LANGUAGE AND LETTERS?I grew up speaking Spanish and English; my family is from Argentina. As often happens or sometimes happens in those conditions, I had some reading problems and writing problems. Spelling's always been a nightmare and writing papers is just a disaster. I really had a lot… Continue reading 09. Daniel Kopel Interviews Gustavo Bonevardi

08. Barton Sloane on “Gelitin” at Greene Naftali

1. FACTS DISTRIBUTED BY THE ARTISTS (AN OFFICIAL GALLERY DOCUMENT COLLOQUIALLY KNOWN AS A "PRESS RELEASE") For their exhibition at Greene Naftali, Gelitin will transform the gallery into a podium.Gelitin will build a big sculpture.At the opening they will be working all evening on the sculpture.The following 10 days they will be working on the… Continue reading 08. Barton Sloane on “Gelitin” at Greene Naftali

07. Jody Zellen Reviews Dinh Q. Lê

"Elegies" at PPOW, marks the transition of Vietnamese-American artist Dinh Q. Lê', best known for his woven photographic works, into the digital realm. Two video are shown, "From Father to Son: A Rite of Passage" (2007) and "South China Sea Pishkun" (2009), in addition to a new series of photographic works derived from the "South… Continue reading 07. Jody Zellen Reviews Dinh Q. Lê

06. Michael Pepi On “Between Spaces”

Part of the allure of the artist’s craft involves condensing broad ideologies into physical objects. The critical theory surrounding consumer culture is one of the text-based traditions of cultural critique that gets passed down to audiences though these abstract metaphors. The more the expressions of such ideas lack specific arguments, proposals, and particularities, the more… Continue reading 06. Michael Pepi On “Between Spaces”

05. Nalina Moses On The Folly

There's an uncertain terrain between fine art and high architecture, between sculpture and building, a terrain that's populated with landscape interventions, site installations, monumental sculpture, and temporary buildings. Contemporary practitioners breach the boundaries from both sides, searching to expand the limits of their media. One traditional form that resides here is the folly. The term… Continue reading 05. Nalina Moses On The Folly

04.Sandra Orellana Sears Interviews Juana Olga Barrios

West Coast correspondent Sandra Orellana Sears talks to Cuban-born, LA-based Juana Olga Barrios about art, language and blogging for a cause. /// WHEN DID YOU FIRST BECOME INTERESTED IN ART?My mother told me I would go around the house, sit down in front of objects and attempt to draw them pretty regularly as a young… Continue reading 04.Sandra Orellana Sears Interviews Juana Olga Barrios

03. Oksana Katchaluba On Alberto Giacometti

On February 3rd, 2010, a sculpture by renowned Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) broke the world record price for a work of art at auction, when his cast-bronze figure Walking Man I sold for over three times its high estimate, totalling a staggering 104,3 million US dollars. The exceptional results of this sale made headlines around the… Continue reading 03. Oksana Katchaluba On Alberto Giacometti

02. Britt Julious On “Picturing the Studio”

In the living room of a one-story home, wood paneling on the walls and a faux fireplace made of mismatched grey bricks, a barefoot man dangles a cigarette from his mouth as he pours paint on a large canvas that stretches to the floor on sheets of a newspaper. This large light-box photograph, The Gifted Amateur,… Continue reading 02. Britt Julious On “Picturing the Studio”