In Conversation with Thierry Geoffroy (AKA Colonel)

by Jacquelyn Davis, Spring 2012 After attending the Reykjavík Arts Festival and viewing (I)ndependent People curated by Stockholm-based Jonatan Habib Engqvist, the French-Danish conceptual artist Thierry Geoffroy created an event which was both a press conference and participatory, action-based art event for the artist group The Awareness Muscle Team (Geoffroy, CopyFlex [AKA Åsmund Boye Kverneland], Nadia Plesner, Victor Valqui Vidal and… Continue reading In Conversation with Thierry Geoffroy (AKA Colonel)

Falling Very Slowly: the Metamodernism of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland

by A.R. Warwick, Spring 2012 Terry Gilliam’s 2005 film Tideland centers on an abandoned child, Jeliza-Rose, and her solitary adventures during one summer in rural Texas. With both veiled and obvious allusions to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the story focuses on the increasingly dark, imaginative fantasy life the child creates with four dismembered Barbie doll heads that she often wears… Continue reading Falling Very Slowly: the Metamodernism of Terry Gilliam’s Tideland

Making the Seams Visible: Cindy Sherman at the Museum of Modern Art

by Laura Leffler, Spring 2012 By unsetting the conventions through which imagery within these various genres operates—making the seams visible and, on occasion, the boundaries utterly porous—Sherman prompts viewers to recognize both codes by which identity is constructed and conveyed, and the artifice, (mediated, social, psychological) underpinning such cultural norms. -Johanna Burton, “Cindy Sherman: Abstraction and Empathy,” Museum of Modern Art, 2012 In… Continue reading Making the Seams Visible: Cindy Sherman at the Museum of Modern Art

On BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)

by Lucy Cantwell , Spring 2012 Control of information has always determined power and financial gain, but the technological advances of the modern age created unprecedented potential for such by virtue of the volume of information at hand. We produce untold streams of it constantly—status updates, blog posts and bank transactions, and because of the… Continue reading On BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)