11. Nalina Moses Reviews Urs Fischer, “Last Call Lascaux”

It’s not uncommon for contemporary artists to take a combative stance vis-à-vis the museum. In 1969 Christo covered the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago with canvas and rope. Two years later, Daniel Buren hung a giant banner within the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum to obscure its signature spiraling space. For a show at… Continue reading 11. Nalina Moses Reviews Urs Fischer, “Last Call Lascaux”

09. Jody Zellen Reviews Bill Viola

The enigmatic works of Bill Viola are at once philosophical and technological explorations of body, spirit, memory and time. The action in many of Viola’s works is slow to unfold but rewarding to witness. Watching, one becomes aware of subtle changes that lead to a denouement, then the sequence begins again. It is easy to… Continue reading 09. Jody Zellen Reviews Bill Viola

08. Daniel Kopel Reviews “Allan Kaprow Yard”

The jumble of tires at Hauser & Wirth is “not your mother’s gallery exhibition,” but it very well may have been. The “environment” was installed here in 1961, in the courtyard of what was then the Martha Jackson Gallery. Forty-eight years later, Yard has never felt as fresh as it does in William Pope.L’s iteration… Continue reading 08. Daniel Kopel Reviews “Allan Kaprow Yard”

06. Ajay RS Hothi Reviews “Bermuda Triangle”

Spring Projects is an interesting experiment for a gallery, though whether the backers of the exhibition space, Spring Studios, would call it an experiment is doubtful. Spring Studios is one of London’s well-known photographic hire complexes. Based in Kentish Town, North London, the studio is renowned for catering to the top-end of fashion photographic talent.… Continue reading 06. Ajay RS Hothi Reviews “Bermuda Triangle”

05. Britt Julious Reviews “Exquisite Corpse Drawings: 1925-1935”

If the goal of the Surrealists was to connect the conscious and unconscious realms of experience to such an extent that the world of dream and fantasy are incorporated into the everyday rational world, nothing could achieve this goal quite as astonishingly as the “exquisite corpse,” a collaborative form of creating an image or body… Continue reading 05. Britt Julious Reviews “Exquisite Corpse Drawings: 1925-1935”

0.4 Britt Julious Reviews Nicholas Frank

04. Britt Julious Reviews Nicholas Frank The biographical history of an artist frequently runs outside of the typical construction of a narrative. For many, there is no concrete beginning or ending, but rather a series of false starts, hasty exits and extended breaks that define an artist’s career. Milwaukee-based artist, writer, and curator Nicholas Frank… Continue reading 0.4 Britt Julious Reviews Nicholas Frank

03. Michael Pepi on the New Museum controversy

When Dakis Joannou, billionaire Greek art collector and member of the Board of Trustees at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, accepted the Museum’s invitation to show a portion of his private collection as part of the “Imaginary Museum” series in March, he could scarcely have anticipated the art world fracas that would ensue. After… Continue reading 03. Michael Pepi on the New Museum controversy

02. Ajay RS Hothi on a nascent form: Art Writing

Maria Fusco is the editor of The Happy Hypocrite. She is a writer working across fiction, critical and theoretical writing, contributor to a broad range of international publications, Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths (University of London), and the inaugural writer-in-residence at the Whitechapel Gallery, London -- or so states her biography.What she has neglected to… Continue reading 02. Ajay RS Hothi on a nascent form: Art Writing